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the two days. mitt romney took 38% of the vote with ron paul at 25%. beating rick santorum by a hair at 24% for second place. we will get to the republican contest in just a moment. right now joining me today we have returning to the program congressman steve cohen, tennessee. michelle bernard, founder, president, and ceo of bernard center for women, politics and public policy. goldie taylor author of "uncivil war." john mcwhorter, columbia university professor of linguistic and american studies and contributing editor at "new republic" and theroot.com. we are just a couple of days away from super tuesday with primaries and caulkes in 11 states and 424 delegates at stake. voters in states including ohio, massachusetts, tennessee will choose more delegates than have been awarded so far. i think we are well past the giddy exuberance phase of the early gop primary with a shiny new front-runner each week. we are into the middle stretch. no one is ready to throw in the towel but a field of malaise hangs over the race. rick santorum gets getting by congressional issues. tuesday is a big day. ill
martin as "a suspicious person." zimmermann has not been charged. >>> and mitt romney arrived in puerto rico yesterday. tomorrow's primary there expected to be a close one with rick santorum who showed up earlier in the week. we will be talking more about the gop and hispanic voters later in the morning. >>> right now, however, i'm joined by elise jordan, former speechwriter for secretary of state condoleezza rice, nancy giles from cbs this morning, jody canter, author of the book, the obamas and spencer ackerman, senior reporter for wire and danger.com blog. thank you for being here. the war in afghanistan began on october 7, 2001 that is to say it has been ongoing for 11 years, five months and ten days, outlasted both the iraq war and osama bin laden, who was, of course the reason we went into afghanistan in the first place and this week was a stark reminder that not only is it not over but it is not even going particularly well. on sunday, an american soldier, staff sergeant robert bales was accused of going on a shooting spree and massacring 16 afghanistan civilians in their homes.
would it be? i want to listen to sound from mitt romney i believe yesterday talking about energy prices and gasoline. >> the gas hike trio ought to resign. they ought to turn in their resignations. they were hired to raise the cost of gasoline and now the president says he wants on lower it. given that is the new direction, their expertise is not in lowering the price of gasoline. their ex-perfectties was pertis raising it. if i were them i would turn in my resignation. >> what romney is talking about there is the idea of cap and trade. what the obama administration wanted to do when they came in a office was pass a bill that would make sort of intensive energy more expensive. what's odd about that is when obama and -- sarah palin and john mccain had a cap and trade. it seemed like the two parties were converging around plan. is that plan dead? is there another one that would -- work? what do you fall on this question? >> you know, i would say actually the moss important question right now in terms of pricing of gasoline, i would actually shift us to a discussion important where you beg
. mitt romney, more than any other. rick santorum less so. >> yes. >> if the economy continues to get better, if it does improve, what is your play? how do you go about making the argument? >> let me broaden that out a little bit. one of my big things as a strategist i think there is a natural tendency in politics for candidates to want to focus on whatever the issue at the moment is or whatever the issue of the month is. and i think that is a very bad idea. i think when you're running a candidate, you want to run somebody who actually has a diverse set of solutions to every problem. they can't just be about the economy. they can't just be about social issues and can't just be about education and national security. if you're running to be president, you have to deal with everything under the sun. and i think this is one of the issues that is going to arise as we get towards this election. i know we are going to talk about the economy here. one of the things i find very interesting is if you look at what is going on in the world as a whole there are a lot of economic concerns, certainl
went to polls in 11 states and the results were blah. romney picked up the most delegates but a center says the rate of voter turnout in the 13 primaries so far is down from both 2000 and 2008 and among conservatives in the base and right wing establishment an increasingly panicked and resigned sense they are in the midst of an institutional identity crisis. it favors romney as the nominee but the base doesn't like him very much and a stalemate seems to have settled in. romney probably can't lose but in the short term doesn't look like he can win either. a future of the koch funded institute. koch brothers have sued to control the think tank. for progress sifs all this wive amusement. are they enjoying a clean sweep right now? it is important to remember that our politics are often dual tracked. sometimes trivial and sometimes important and conflicts we don't see and obscure or technical or more often than not the real action of politics, the struggle between public good and private interests happens in the very fine print and not in the headlines. if conservatives looking the place we
after a romney adviser compared the romney campaign's ability to reinvent itself in the general election, to the famously easy-to-erase toy. this was the single biggest i tra day move for a stock in 30 years. it was once manufactured in the u.s., but in the year 2000 it outsourced to factories in china. with the news that army staff sergeant robert bales has been indicted for 17 counts of murder in afghanistan. you should know the names of those who died. the names of the dead that we know according to al jazeera are as follows. [ on screen ] >>> on the topic of what war does to us and what it does to the people who wage it and who we wage it against, you should know that my friend, rachel maddow has written an incredible book "drift" the unmooring of american military power. it aaccomplishes a greatest feat american writing can. it makes us see it as new and strange and contingent, american war, something that doesn't have to be. it should be at the center of natural debate how we go about rebalancing our priorities and to tell us ur union. what they thunk we should know, after this. wi
. also, it is election day in louisiana today, my home state. and we'll talk about mitt romney's secret weapon. >> all right. melissa perry coming up next. >> we know now the critics were pressing when they warned governor jeb bush not to sign the law. it's how governor bush defended the law at the time. >> when you're in a position where you're being threatened and there's a life-threatening situation to have to retreat and put yourself in a very precarious position, it defies common sense. >> we also know the number of justifiable homicides has app creased 25 times since 2005. we know that we're pushed by alec, the legislative exchange council and the national rifle association. we know that keeping the peace is as core a state function as exists. and it's time to throw in the towel on the entire experiment. the so called d.c. bad boy reporter posted this interview of youtube's bono. >> you're not in charge of your own company? you have no say in what youtube does? >> not particularly. >> you don't? >> we know the video has since been taken down because that wasn't bono in the video b
is not -- israel -- israel has exactly the same policy. >> and then republican presidential candidate mitt romney weighed in as well. >> my view is we have to communicate that we stand with israel. there is not an inch of distance between the two of us if we don't insist they make unilateral concessions those have not worked in the past. things are going to have to settle down and stand by our friend. >> to the casual listener it might sound like everybody ag e agrees. embedded is high-stakes campaign to influence military policy decisions that impact all of our lives. that was a striking thing as you survey this. as someone who, you know, i follow this issue but i am not embedded deeply in it. it is not my full-time calling as it is for people at the table. if you just watch the speeches at aipac it seems like there is a string of people that get up and say the same thing, more or less. there's huge reaction about the tiny little sentence said here and there. i was talking to a source of mine that said no, no, no, the big contest in this was whether to see if the president said nuclear iran or
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)